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British India 1941 Silver Original Pattern Dollar NGC

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British India. Silver Original Pattern Dollar, 1941

A touch of die rust on the King’s neck which suggests a restrike, but under the attractive blue tone it has the surfaces of an original proof, they are so rare that the originals and restrikes have been priced the same in the SW book (SW 9.1, this coin illustrated; Pr 1088A). In NGC holder, graded PF66 and described as a c.1950 RESTRIKE PATTERNThis is the pattern photographed in the Stevens & Weir book and is exciting just to look at. These were produced because of the shortage of silver due to the war and with thoughts of making commerce easier by producing a higher denomination coin.

Also, it was felt that they could get away with only putting in 2-Rupees worth of silver into a 2½-Rupee coin. Students of this period of economic history will know the story behind the silver that was sent from India to England for safekeeping. Needless to say, this coin did not get much further than a few patterns being made. It was around this time that the mint started to reduce the silver in their coins and maybe they thought this would be too much for the public to take. David Fore and Randy Weir spent 20 years chasing one of these, always being the under-bidder. They both smiled for a week after finally buying this superb coin.

The last example of this coin was sold from the David Fore Collection in 2013 for 47,000 GBP (~100K USD) and is the single finest known.


Baldwins, Randy Wier & Paul Stevens, Sixbid.com